Who we are

Foundation Historical Bibles Europe, is an independent charity (Article 80ff. of the Swiss Civil Code) based in Basel, Switzerland.

With a commitment to promoting public engagement with the tradition, historical impact, and narratives of the Bible, the foundation operates on a secular, non-religious, and non-denominational basis.

The foundation also extends support to organisations sharing aligned public-interest goals. Notably, with a geographically boundless approach, Foundation Historical Bibles Europe ensures the unhindered pursuit of its overarching purpose.

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President of the Board

Dr. David Johannes Trobisch (born in 1958) is a German scholar whose work focuses on the formation of the Christian Bible, the ancient New Testament manuscripts and the epistles of Paul.

Other board members

Dietmar J. Friess, Managing Director

Emiliano Fiedler, Secretary

Jean-Pierre Moerlen

Martin Wiedmann

Advisory Board

Dr. Gabriele Holthuis

Prof. Dr. Roland Werner

Dr. J. Allen Quine

Dr. Corinna Ricasoli

What we do

Promotion of public engagement with the tradition, historical impact, and narratives of the Bible through:

- Exhibitions

- Education

- Acquisitions

- Scientific research


- Provenance research

- Collection or artefact sale support

- Expert pairing for artefact-related issues

Support and sponsorship of cultural initiatives by organisations with a shared commitment to public interest.

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Foundation Historical Bibles Europe


Rittergasse 29, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

+41 76 701 44 08